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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

=======CusRom : Repencis v3 - Firmware : DXLC1 - Codename : TIGA=======

  • Arabic Font Plugin
  • http://dl.dropbox.com/u/58284539/rep...Arabic_Rv3.zip
  • *Flash via CWM Recovery
  • *After you flashed Arabic Plugin, you will get more time for first booting like first installing the rom

  • Statusbar Tablet Koplo
  • http://dl.dropbox.com/u/58284539/alt...mUI_TABLET.apk
  • *13 toggle button even has no flashlight, but not often be gone/forceclose (recommended)
  • *Installation, rename to "SystemUI.apk" and place to /sdcard/.ApkReplacer/
  • *Open Apk Replacer under Repencis Labs > Click Install

  • Background Wallpaperized
  • http://dl.dropbox.com/u/58284539/alt..._WALLPAPER.apk
  • *Your wallpaper will become your mayor apps background
  • *If u use this framework u can't use Custom Patcher Black Background feature
  • *Installation, rename to "framework-res.apk" and place to /sdcard/.ApkReplacer/
  • *Open Apk Replacer under Repencis Labs > Click Install

  • Center Lockscreen Clock Patch
  • http://dl.dropbox.com/u/58284539/alt...Lockscreen.zip
  • *Make sure u have flashed Update02 via CWM Recovery firstly
  • *Rename CenterClockLockscreen.zip to "theme.zip" & place to /sdcard/.RepencisTheme/
  • *Open Repencis Theme under Repencis Labs > Click Install
  • Adw Theme as seen as on the Screenshot Rv3
  • http://www.mediafire.com/?ob23ngj8h7bz3xt
  • *Adw Setting > Theme preferences > Swipe to right > Apply

------------------------- Update 02 {Must Download} 2.13 Mb :

  • Update 02 must be flashed via CWM Recovery , not via stock recovery
  • http://db.tt/mIosd7H5
  • .
  • Custom Patcher with Background Changer
  • Fix Settings Menu, add Call and Voice Setting, fix pressed Code name
  • AutoZipUpdater at /sdcard/.AutoZipUpdater/.System/
  • Fix Repencis Theme at /sdcard/.RepencisTheme/theme.zip

Update 01:
  • Flashlight Toggle Activator
  • New DSPmanager & TitaniumBackup
  • Some Apk Replacer instruction
  • New FAQs, read it
  Some screenshots:

Main features:

* Rooted
* Deodexed all system apks
* Arabic font plugin
* Flash player plugin
* Zipalign all apks on boot
* Init.d script support
* A2sd Darktremor (Pro Edition Only)
* Adw Launcher Ex as default launcher
* ICS Iconized with orange default style
* New Dialer, New Audio UI, New Settings, New Music, New Youtube (with Download Mode)
* 14 status bar toggle (see below to activate flashlight toggle)
* Added Repencis Labs:

* - Apk Replacer

* - AutoZipUpdater
* - Battery Line
* - Lockscreen addon
* - Repencis Theme
* - Custom Patcher
* And many more......


* New kernel
* Cool Ram Management
* Fast booting and shutdown
* Other tweaked things
* Don't worry about launcher and lockscreen add-on
* Fix WiFi, internet and BootSound after last version
* And many more.......


We are not responsible for any damage of your phone, do a full backup with TB and CWMRecovery if needed.

Download link:

1. Pro User (a2sd user)>>>> http://www.mediafire.com/?tdgzakoynk2mk7y
Beginner User (non a2sd or link2sd user) >>>> http://www.mediafire.com/?m1ccxqmazelvn8o

* Go to Recovery by Holding Power + Home + Volume up button

* Flash with
CWM Recovery: http://db.tt/sIzhV4JP >> CWM_bla_bla.zip
* After flash/update from zip, do a wipe data, wipe cache partition

* After you see homescreen, and finish the media scanning, for Pro users can activate the dalvik-cache a2sd darktremor symlinking by :

* Make second partition EXT2 or EXT3 on your SD Card
* Install the
BTEP : http://db.tt/wbRI7Su3
* Open it, to enable typing, press Option > Preference > Input Method > Word Based
* Type this code
..............$ su (enter)
a2sd cachesdreset (enter)

Open Better Terminal Emulator Pro again,

Type this code
..............$ su (enter)
a2sd reinstall (enter)

Your phone will be rebooted automatically, after that see your cool new
internal memory.

To fix bootanimation, reboot again and flash this zip :
http://dl.dropbox.com/u/58284539/rep...otanim_CWM.zip Font Apk Collection just extrak file and instal it, to change font in setting > display > screen display > font style chose and reboot http://www.mediafire.com/?o3magy7s8vtff3w
Big Thanks to:

* Deni Setiawan, Core Inside, Ricky Outsider Firdaus (Underground Team Dev)

* Anchu Pencari Ilmu, Rizki Tazakka,
* Other admin of Galaxy Young Facebook Group
* Anis Dudulz, Diana Dewi Megasari (who handle the donate)
All our donator that can't be mentioned one by one (very thanks for this)
* All apps provider and image resource provider and other masterpiece
* XDA member : PawanYadav, Spacecaker, lidroid, sinchlair, etc
* Plantoon from andro-id and Lil'G Group

* And you...........

Report all about this rom, we hope can do the best.
Best regards.....

Repencis Labs Denziens:

Fedy Kusuma (The Doctor)
* Heri Setiawan (The Surgeon)
* Jmkl Six (The Engineer)

Q: Must I flash to DXLC1 stock rom firstly?
A: Nope, all rom with rooted 2.3.6 firmware can flash this rom properly, but you won't see DXLC1 baseband

Q: Must I reformat or repartition the SDCard ?

A: Nope, but make sure your sdcard is not corrupt

Q: Why
I cannot install new apps, like BTE or reboot automatically?
A: It might be crash with your SD-EXT apps, uninstall your apps that installed on SD-EXT under Manage Apps Settings. Find BTEP firstly, select uninstall then u can type a2sd reinstall command

Q: How to
activate flashlight toggle under 14status bar?
A: Flash Flashlight_Step1.zip via CWMRecovery:
  • http://dl.dropbox.com/u/58284539/rep...ight_Step1.zip
  • Reboot and wait, u will see stock status bar
  • After finishing media scanning, reboot again, then flash Flashlight_Step2.zip
  • http://dl.dropbox.com/u/58284539/rep...ight_Step2.zip
  • Reboot and see u will see 14 status bar
  • And u can play with the Flashlight and will not found Force Close again
  • Note: Some day if u want to wipe data again or your status bar has gone, u must flash to Flashlight_Step1.zip then Flashlight_Step2.zip like above to make statusbar appear.... it is for "Some Day"

Q: How to fix DSPManager & TitaniumBackup force close?
A: Download these apps and place to your /sdcard/.ApkReplacer/(here)


Q: How to use
Apk Replacer under Repencis Labs?
Open Apk Replacer, to make /sdcard/.ApkReplacer/ directory. then exit
Place your apk there like DSPManager.apk and TitaniumBackup.apk
Open Apk Replacer again, klik install button untill u get success notification
Usually it is OK, or u can Reboot

Q: I use "a2sd cachesd" why my internal storage still increase ?
A: Make sure u have set Move2sdEnabler to External, and database apps is not linked to a2sd as datasd, see /data/data directory = 198 mb of total

Q: Multitasking Possibility?

A: ® 14 Active Applications ® 144 Free Ram ® 1444 Directories ® 14444 Files -
Clear Memory before run apps

Q: Why my homescreen is not like the screenshot?
A: It means with AdwLauncher we can express our idea more, we can also make like that, just download some adw icon pack and some widget

Repencis V3 Theme:

how to instal ?
follow this step :
1. download first http://www.mediafire.com/?ce09g4dsrnxh1mg
2. makse sure u have clean content of /sdcard/.ApkReplacer/ directory
3. ekstrak file and select all copy and paste in sdcard/.ApkReplacer
4. go to setting > lab repencis > Apk Replacer wait and klik instal
5. this make a time and automatic Reboot
How to use AutoZipUpdater?

AutoZipUpdater - Is it easy to make flashable zip file? - REP3NCIS

  1. Make sure you have flashed {Update 02}
  2. Open RootEx go to /sdcard/AutoZipUpdater/.System/
  3. There are 2 folders, /app and /framework
  4. Place your app in the folder app as well as your framework in the framework directory (see picture)
  5. If everything is finish, exit RootEx open BTE type "autozipupdater", without su without the quotes, enter
  6. You will see a Success message bla bla bla
  7. Open RootEx again, see the file "NewUpdate.zip". Is already exist?
  8. That file can be flashed via CWM Recovery or stock Recovery
  9. You can backup your system files with this way
  10. Good luck, we hope we don't see bootloop again

  • There is a file "place-apk-here" can be deleted or not, no problem :P
  • There is a folder /.Repencis/ZipCore.zip don't remove it, or don't touch it :P
  • Contents of this flashable zip is different from reguler updater zip :P
Repencis V3 Default Theme:
want to back default themes?
follow this step :
1. download first Default Themes
2. makse sure u have clean content of /sdcard/.ApkReplacer/ directory
3. ekstrak file and select all copy and paste in sdcard/.ApkReplacer
4. go to setting > lab repencis > Apk Replacer wait and klik instal
5. this make a time and automatic Reboot
Repencis V3 Booatinimation:
1. by jmkl http://www.mediafire.com/?1nl6bx0ch155u3l

how to change bootanimation?

follow this step :
1. download first file bootanimation.zip
2. makse sure u have clean apk or zip content of /sdcard/.ApkReplacer/ directory
3. copy and paste bootanimation.zip in sdcard/.ApkReplacer
4. go to setting > lab repencis > Apk Replacer wait and klik instal
5. this make a time and Reboot
Repencis V3 Walpaper Background Colection:

walpaper background colection


How to Change Background :


you must flash update 02 firstly to see this feature and using theme default

follow this step to change background:

1. download first file walpaper colection and put folder in sdcard
2. go to setting > lab repencsi > custom patcher > black background > galery > chose folder Repencis Background Colection > chose walpaper do u want > deal > than chose reboot deal
3. u can see tutorial in picture

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  1. hi buddy thanks for sharing. repencis rom has been installed succesfully in my sgy but why i cant make partition with BTEP so that i cant use a2sd? it said cannot mount EXT.


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